Dr. Kathleen Treseder is the Howard A. Schneiderman Endowed Chair and Professor of Biology at University of California Irvine. For thirty years, she has led an internationally recognized research program and educated the next generation of scientists and college graduates. As a first-generation college graduate who had to pay her way through school, she supports tuition-free public college.

Climate Leader

In 2017, Kathleen became so concerned about the climate crisis that she decided research and teaching weren't enough. Since then, she has worked within our local community to enact real-world solutions to climate change.

Kathleen co-founded OC Clean Power, a grassroots organization of over 30 non-profits, businesses, school organizations, and faith groups. With her leadership, they successfully advocated for renewable energy in Irvine, Fullerton, Huntington Beach, and Buena Park.

Kathleen is running to make a difference for our environment right now. A vote for her will ensure that we–and our children–have clean air and clear skies every day.

Social Rights Advocate

In 2017, Kathleen was Chair of her UCI department when a student told her a high-ranking professor had sexually assaulted her. Kathleen believed her, because this professor had also sexually harassed Kathleen as well. Shortly after, several more women came forward with their own reports about this professor. Kathleen promised that she would make the department safe for women. Kathleen led a year-long effort to successfully convince UCI to ban the professor from campus and improve their treatment of sexual harassment victims. UCI paid Kathleen a large settlement for the case.

Kathleen and her husband used the UCI settlement to establish the Treseder Randerson Fund to support women and marginalized groups in Orange County. She partnered with the Crime Survivors Resource Center to found You Are Not Alone, a program to help sexual violence victims on local campuses. Their fund also supports refugees at our border, those in pandemic-related distress, Asian-American immigrants, and environmental justice.

From this experience, Kathleen learned that our voices are strong when we work together. She will take our voices to city hall and fight for women's rights, Black Lives Matter, stopping Asian American hate, LGTBQIA+ communities, and social justice.


Kathleen and her husband Jim are proud parents to twins who love the outdoors, science, and art. They remind her of what's at stake for a better future.