Climate & Clean Environment

I'm a career scientist - not a career politician. I'm running for City Council because Irvine needs to be a truly green city that leaves no one behind. I will advocate for clean power with good-paying, long-term clean energy jobs. I will plan for a stable water supply even under future droughts. I will hold polluters accountable. We will have a city with clear air, clean water, a stable climate, and a well-paid skilled and trained workforce.

Equality and Safety

All our community members deserve to feel safe and valued within our city. I will fight for the vulnerable among us. Most importantly, I will listen to marginalized groups in our city, and develop actions based on their wishes and needs.

Education & Vocational Training

Our community is fortunate to be home to an internationally recognized institution of higher education. But, for too many in our community, we are not doing enough to deliver a world class education. On City Council, I will support college prep programs, career technical training, trade schools and scholarships so every child can have access to a world class education.

Economy and Jobs

Small and local businesses help Irvine thrive. As we continue to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, I will focus on helping our business community recover to create jobs and support our residents. I support collective bargaining, worker’s rights, a skilled and trained workforce, and prevailing wages.


It is unconscionable that the people who feed us, teach us, take care of and love our children, build and repair our homes, and guard our health cannot afford to live in our community. I will ensure that Irvine secures affordable housing to meet the needs of these working families, young professionals, seniors, and veterans. I support union labor on housing projects.


You may have seen me stuck in traffic right along with you. Transportation is a major issue in Irvine. To improve our quality of life, we need green public transportation, better traffic engineering, and bikeable, walkable neighborhoods. Centering new housing around our business centers will also keep commutes short.

Expanding Irvine's Infrastructure

Irvine is one of the fastest growing cities in the country, and our infrastructure must keep up. I will fight for capital improvements, more retail and recreational centers, libraries, fiber networks, and multi-modal transportation solutions. I support project labor agreements, workforce agreements, and local hires.

Transparency and Accountability

Good government requires transparency and accountability. I will act with integrity to make sure that our community’s needs come first.