"Not everyone is a fan of this particular CCE program. Dr. Kathleen Treseder, a biology professor at UC Irvine and co-founder of the group OC [Clean] Power, this summer called on the OCPA to replace chief executive Brian Probolsky.

Probolsky, whose annual salary is $239,000, lacked previous experience in the energy field. His head role has soured Treseder on the OCPA; she recommended to the Laguna Beach City Council that it not join.

'When Irvine voted to start [a CCE program] up, we thought we had made incredible strides toward renewable energy,' Treseder said. 'As OCPA has been developing and progressing, I’m getting more and more concerned about it. I’m not convinced that it’s actually going to deliver cleaner energy when it starts up.'”

More in LA Times by Matt Szabo