Statement from Dr. Treseder on Voice of OC's article: Orange County Power Authority Criticized For Lack Of Transparency
The Orange County Power Authority exists because for years, hundreds of community members and dozens of stakeholder groups advocated for it as a way to bring 100% renewable energy to their cities. This program belongs to us.
Unfortunately, Brian Probolsky was hired as CEO, apparently without an open search. He has a track record of unethical conduct, including "threaten[ing] county HR investigators with political retribution at the time, pointing to his work as chief of staff for both county supervisors Lisa Bartlett and Andrew Do." He is not the right choice to head an agency developed by and for the community, especially one managing contracts in the tens of millions of dollars.
I call on the OCPA Board to replace Probolsky with an expert in community choice energy who will foster transparency and community orientation. I regret that as long as Probolsky is CEO of OC Power Authority, I cannot recommend that other cities join this program. Luckily, San Diego Community Power is an excellent alternative for OC cities to join.
I have already experienced political retribution for expressing my concerns about OCPA. However, even if speaking out harms my campaign for city council, I will still do it. It's the right thing to do. The public deserves it.
As an Irvine City Council Member, I will have the leverage to set OCPA on the right track. I'll ensure that OCPA offers Irvine 100% renewable energy as promised. If this matters to you, you can help by donating to our campaign. Frankly, I will need your help to offset the fallout for speaking up. Thank you.
Kathleen Treseder


Candidate for Irvine City Council 2022. Biology Prof at UC Irvine. Irvine Green Ribbon Environmental Committee. Climate Activist. #MeToo. @WAVE4All. she/her